Covid Booking Update – 13 September, 2021

In keeping with altered Covid19 restrictions and regulations please refer to the below statements when looking at booking for your stay. We will keep you updated further as regulations change. Thanks for your support.

1.     4  Residence checking requirement

(1) A person who owns, controls or operates in Regional Victoria:

1.     (a)  an accommodation facility to the extent it relates to tourism, or a business that manages bookings for that accommodation facility;

must use all reasonable endeavours to determine, as soon as practicable after each member of the public makes a booking (where bookings are taken) for, or accessing, entering or using, their services or facility, whether that member of the public’s ordinary place of residence is in the Restricted Area, except for the following reasons:

9.     (i)  the person states that they are permitted to travel or stay in Regional Victoria for reasons set out in the Stay at Home Directions (Restricted Areas);

Note 1: an operator should refuse service, or not accept bookings, if the operator of the facility is not satisfied the person resides in Regional Victoria, or is not reasonably satisfied that the person has an authorised reason for travelling or staying in Regional Victoria, such as travel for authorised work.

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